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R&P have specialised in primary and pre-school photography for over two decades and are loved by our current clients. R&P's philosophy of “Quality Photos at Sensible Prices” guarantee the high sales you need while ensuring parents and pupils can afford a treasured memory. If you would like us to tke your school's photographs you can contact us online or by calling 01984 618 355

How it works - R&P offer two separate services depending on the season

The Autumn Portrait Shoot

This service is traditionally done during the first term of a new school year, and is an perfect time to make the most from the Christmas season. The school arranges a date for the R&P to attend that suits their schedule and needs. R&P will send our experianced school photographs on the day, who will set up a photographic studio and take every pupils portrait against a traditional background, in a relaxed pose. A variety of proofs for each pupil is then distributed via the school for parents to make their orders. 25% net of sales go to the school as a fee for attending. We can also offer a DVD with all head shots on, ideal for SIMS systems, or equally an index print out can be made for physical registers, along with updating any staff photographs.

The Spring Class Shoot

This is a refreshing as the spring. On a prearranged date R&P will visit the school and photograph all the class groups, preferably outside the school building. The photos will be finished with an insert designed to the schools colours and logos, with the name of their class below. Any leaver classes and pre-groups will also have their portraits taken and these will be finished in the unique R&P winged folder presentation mount. The result is a naturally posed photograph that truly captures the schools spirit. A set of prints are given complimentary to the school for your records and are offered to the parents as an end of year record with 25% net of sales going to the school.

Once the packs are complete they will be sent to each participate's organiser, on a sale or return basis. Along with a full reprint and enlargement service they will also receive a complimentary band photograph as a memento of your event and as a thank you from us.

Please Contact Us online or by phone on 01984 618 355 and speak to Paul Savage our specialist school photographer to get the best service for your school!

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