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This service is designed specifically to cater for a Holiday Courses environment, providing an organiser with a professional photographic service and no extra hassle. This is a quality service that can easily be incorporated into the structure of any course or camp that gives a boost to profits (20% net sales) and improves your image and P.R.

How it works

- This service starts with you booking R&P, which can be done online here or by calling 01984 618 355. On doing so R&P will liaise with yourselves to find the optimum time to photograph your course, which is best done in the early stages..

- On the day R&P will send our photographers to the venue. Here they will circulate around the groups while the course is in progress and photograph them in-situ. This will include any P.R. shots that you might require.

- After the photos have been taken R&P will develop them off-site at our dedicated facilities. The photos are finished in R&P’s unique Winged Folder Presentation Mount, which will include an insert that is personalised with your course’s details, including any dates or additional information you wish to display.

- The finished products are then returned to your course, for sale to your participants. This can be done in a number of ways, including having it included as an additional cost of the courses package. From these sales 20% of net profits go to yourselves along with any P.R. material you have requested on a DVD. A simple to use, professional service.

Book R&P to photograph your Holiday Course or Camp today! Contact Us online or by phone on 01984 618 355.

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